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Most recent acquisitions from april   6. 2017 



















data/media/photographers/dixon 1.jpeg

Thomas James Dixon 1857-1943

tiger  circa 1880s

carbon print  signed and numbered 33. on the negative

wetstamp on reverse .  25x34,5 cm 

condition good, some ridges 



Thomas James Dixon 1857-1943

tiger  circa 1880s

carbon print  signed and numbered 33. on the negative

wetstamp  on reverse .  35,2 x 25,3 cm 

condition good, but light ridges





data/media/photographers/riefenstahl 1 3.jpeg


Leni Riefenstahl/ Olympia Studio 

Olympic Games  Berlin 1936

swimmer  Tedsuo Hamuro Japan Gold  metal.

23 x 29 cm   gelatine silver print 




data/media/photographers/ceylon scowen :skeen 3.jpeg

Charles Scowen attr.

Colombo  Ceylon 1880s

 20.7 x 25.9 cm

albumen  print mounted on album page, good condition



data/media/photographers/ceylon scowen :skeen 2.jpeg

Charles Scowen  attr.

View on Galle Face hotel at Galle Green Colombo. 1880s

albumen print  mounted on album page  20.3 x 25.8 cm 

perfect condition



data/media/photographers/ceylon scowen :skeen.jpeg

Charles Scowen attr.

View on Corkstreet and Clocktower/lighthouse Colombo

circa 1880s  albumen  print mounted on album page

20.3 x 25.7 cm perfect condition


we do have more images  from this quality ( 9 x) by Scowen /Ceylon in stock 


data/media/photographers/ceylon scowen :skeen.2.jpeg

P. Klier  Rangoon

village buffalo cart  no 451

1880s Birma 20 x 25.9 cm

albumen print mounted  on album page 

perfect condition











data/media/photographers/animation, anonymous 1.jpeg


Anon. 01. Probably Dutch or Flemish.

Early stage photography , animation with wooden dolls

23 cm diameter circa 1930/40 s

gum print( ?) /gelatine silver print  mounted in oval mat

(partly scanned because larger size.) nice condion



data/media/photographers/animation, anonymous 2.jpeg

Anon. 2  Probably Dutch or Flemish

Early stage photography , animation  with  wooden dolls

circa 1930/40 s with tittle  on the left side " clubwerk"  (teamwork) in  yellow pastel handwriting

gum print( ?) /gelatine silver print  21 x 28 cm 

nice condition


data/media/photographers/animation, anonymous 4.jpeg

Anon. 5 Probably Dutch /Flemish

Early stage photography , animation  with  wooden dolls

23 cm diameter circa 1930/40 s

gom print( ?) /gelatine silver print  mounted in oval mat

(partly scanned because larger size.) nice condition


left Acquisitions from februari 2014



Watson and kay ( People of India)

two  Sindees,  soonnee mussulmans, Sind 

circa 1870s   saltprint  15 x 11 cm

more of Watson and Kay in stock!


Watson and Kay, ( people of India)

Khuttuk Horsman in armour,  Soonnee Mussulman, Kohat.

saltprint  11 x 9 cm   1870s

We do have  12 more prints in stock by Watson and Kay.


 Fratelli Alinari

album of 34 albumen prints of Busts from Museo Campidoglio and Vatican

museum Rome  circa 1880s     24 busts and 10( partly) statues

all in good condition    circa 19 x 25 cm each  album size 38 x 29 cm



 image of album Busts   Fratelli Alinari


Image of Album Busts  Fratelli Alinari






 data/media/photographers/JAPAN algemeen004.JPG

 Undentified , A flower peddler  Japan,   hancolored albumen print

24 x 18 cm  circa 1880 


Cecile Beaton

Carrying a wounded man out of the jungle  Birma  1944

silverprint with blindstamp  19.2 x 20.5 cm





Anon,   Japan  albumen print  Nude, circa 1880s  13.8 x 8,7 cm


undentified     Chuck   42x      circa 1940's  silverprint 22 x 26 cm



 Wouter Deruytter 

Wilsall Montana USA  june 28, 1998 

silverprint no 3 of edition of 10   37 x 37 cm







Robert Macpherson  1811-1872

Temple of Vesta, Rome, circa 1860 s  plate 18  albumen print with blindstamp

circa 26 x 38    good condition