Wendt, Lionel

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matt size 31.5 x 44 cm
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A  new book  LIONEL WENDT ” CEYLON”   is available  from  edited  2017    224  pages 141 photos.   Available  also  in our gallery
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Small selection of available vintage prints in our stock  

boy and column
vintage toned gelatin silverprint
20.2 x 25.2 cm

boy and column
vintage toned gelatin silverprint
19.6 x 25 cm

portrait with turban
c 1939
vintage toned gelatin silverprint
14.4 x 18.4 cm

 portrait boy
c 1936
vintage toned gelatin silverprint
32.2 x 29.6 cm
boy in tanga . circa 1941
vintage silver print  /solarized

             still life  circa  1939
vintage hand colored gelatin silverprint
35 x 50 cm

boy in tanga
vintage toned gelatin silverprint
38 x 26 cm

young boy nude
c 1940
vintage toned gelatin silverprint
24 x 15 cm

vintage toned gelatin silverprint
36 x 26 cm

sitting boy
vintage toned gelatin silverprint
36 x 28.4 cm

near the beach (detail)

vintage gelatin silverprint
37 x 26 cm


young man with fishing net
c 1938
vintage toned gelatin silverprint
25 x 30 cm

boy (detail)
c 1936
vintage toned gelatin silverprint
24 x 30.6 cm

sitting young man in sarong
vintage toned gelatin silverprint
30 x 20.2 cm

     boy in folded sarong c 1937
      vintage gelatin silver print
     29 x 19.4 cm


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Modernist art photographer Lionel Wendt was born in 1900 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to a prominent family of Dutch and Sinhalese origin. He qualified as a barrister in England in 1924 where he also trained as a classical concert pianist. By 1928 Wendt had abandoned law for music, developing an interest in modern art as well as avant garde music. However, by 1932, while still giving piano concert recitals, Wendt had turned to photography as his major medium of artistic expression. (His father was a judge but also an amateur photographer and had taught his son the craft.) Wendt exhibited his prints in many international photography salons and had several solo exhibitions.

Artistically Wendt was influenced in particular by surrealism and experimented with various techniques and processes, including montage and solarisation. He is principally a figurative artist and even his still-life studies have a human interest character.

Wendt’s  photographs as a regional modernist in the Asia-Pacific region parallels the surrealist ideas of Australian modernist Max Dupain in Sydney during the 1930s and 1940s. Wendt’s image of a classical statue and what appears to be the head of a bodhisattva is similar to works by Dupain in its strange counterpoints of objects. The image, however, also seems to refer to Wendt’s European and Sinhalese heritage.

Wendt died prematurely  on  December 20th 1944 .  A memorial publication on his photography legacy was published in the 1950s and a relatively small number of his prints survive.   Wendt’s negatives were destroyed by an executor. In 1953 the Lionel Wendt Art Centre was established in Colombo. It is dedicated to the performing arts, painting, sculpture and photography

Text  : the National Gallery of Australia 2010  by senior curator mrs. Geal Newton



   self portrait Wendt c 1936s  (collection Ton Peek)                          Camera club London 1938  (collection  ton Peek)



 Detail of his desk at his studio  in Colombo circa 1940s (collection Ton Peek)                       Signature  in red ;Lionel Wendt



1935       First exhibition of  Lionel Wendt in group show of the  Photographic society of Ceylon
1938       one man show Camera Club London  UK
1970       Town Hall ,  Colombo, Ceylon
1994       Lionel  Wendt Memorial centre Colombo, organized by Deutsche bank                             
1996       Camera Works    gallery 706  Colombo  Ceylon
1997-      Paris Photo Fair ,     Ton Peek Galerie NL
1998       Paris Photo Fair       Ton Peek  Galerie NL
1999       Paris Photo Fair ,     Ton Peek  Galerie NL
1999      “Portrait “ Group Show   Laurence Miller Gallery  New York   USA
1999       Paradise Road  Gallery  one man show Colombo. Ceylon
1999       One man show    Ton Peek  gallery  Utrecht ( see illustration) The Netherlands
2000       A centennial tribute   Lionel Wendt  1900/2000  at Lionel Wendt  Art Centre   Colombo. Ceylon
2003       Fukuoka Asian Art Museum  , Fukuoka, Japan.    ” Ceylon by Wendt “.  (see invitation)
2013       Unseen pictures by Wendt   one man show .    Ton Peek  Gallery   Utrecht  The Netherlands
2014       Gwangju Bienale ,  Gwangju South Korea , (curated  by Jessica Morgan)
2015       One man show.   Frieze Master Art fair  London  UK
2017       Port- Folio,   (launch of ) 10  new printed photographs by Lionel Wendt,  edition Ton Peek , The Netherlands
2017       Fashion Show ” You can’t take it with you ”  by  Jonathan Anderson , March 3rd   Paris.  France
2017       Lionel Wendt Ceylon ,  144 photographs on display ,  Museum Huis Marseille  Amsterdam  June – September   2017
2017       Documenta Kassel   ( edition Athens) ,  April-June   2017



  invitation ton peek gallery 1999                                         invitation Fukuoka Art Museum 2003                             invitation  Museum Huis Marseille 2017



Movies / Documentary
Song of Ceylon 1936  (Lionel Wendt was the narrator for this film by Basil Wright )  
Lionel Wendt – A Sketch   April 2012       
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And many private collections in USA /Europe/ Singapore /India  etc.

we do have 35 vintage photographs in stock by Wendt
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